Abu Dhabi Golf Club Championship Lounge Fries Up


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Fries Up

Monday to Wednesday 6pm onwards

Starting at AED 21

Bowl of Fries

Regular Fries

Chilli Fries

Pool Table

4 Big TV Screens

Happy Hour

Fries Up at the Championship Lounge

At the Championship Lounge, become a champion in our prestigious sports bar, where you can enjoy a round of billiards while you watch your favorite games being played out on four large TV screens around the room. With a bowl of Chilli or Regular Fries on our compliments, while you enjoy happy hour drinks, making the Lounge truly the Home of Champions, so put your FRIES UP and celebrate.

Complimentary Bowl of

Regular or Chilli Fries

Traditional bar gratis is served everywhere, but at the Championship Lounge, we take it to the next level and enhance this with mouthwatering signature fries at our chef’s courtesy. The bar is famous for its classic gourmet burgers, delicious wings, shepherd’s pie, and short ribs.Β Β Β 

For those looking for anything from beer to high-end single malts for a price that’s generous to you, look no further. With one of the longest happy hours in Abu Dhabi, we are open from 4pm onwards with our house drinks for just AED 21. Most importantly, your wallet will never be stressed as we don’t believe in ++. All our pricing is on NET which fits for Champions.

When you are searching for a comfortable and luxurious location to unwind and watch your favorite sports games live, enjoy a drink and, of course, have a bowl of Fries, look no further than right there at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club. Remember that you will always be treated like a Champion in the Championship Lounge.


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